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For over ten years Studio Church has served a variety of churches helping them use technology and the Internet to accomplish their mission. Through the years this ministry has designed websites for churches, produced videos for churches that have helped them raise over $6mil in capital campaign building funds, as well as produced custom sermon video illustrations for some of the largest churches in the southeast. We’re now taking what we have learned to launch a brand new Studio Church ministry in 2018.

Studio Church Presents…

The Community-Wide Outreach Church Service

The Community-Wide Outreach Church Service (Community Church Service) is a community outreach ministry for churches designed to introduce new people in your community to your church. Our ministry specializes in bringing together talented people in your church and the community to create a like no other community-wide outreach event for your church that’s entertaining, encourages Christians in their faith, and introduces new people to God’s amazing grace & love. If your church wants to reach new people in your community, the Community Church Service is for you!

Not your parents church event

Our church outreach events are not the same ones that your mom or dad went to. They’re more like a rowdy party, a “I’ve never seen that at church before!” outreach event that is carefully designed with today’s culture in mind. To create an outreach event that reaches new people in the community, we have to first take into consideration their everyday world. Their world is filled with drama (we love drama!) and real-life challenges. Understanding their world, helps us create the right content that connects and helps them relate to the message, and when people relate, new RELATionships are formed with God and your church!

Entertainment – with a purpose

We believe that in our media-rich culture entertainment and multimedia are the perfect containers for sharing God’s love and his life changing truths. That’s why we include lots of multimedia (including video, music, surprises, real-life testimonies, and humor) in our community outreach events. These communication tools help us connect with people emotionally, and open hearts to God’s amazing grace & love!


The Community-Wide Outreach Church Service will use crowdsourcing to create the content used in our events. By leveraging the power of the Internet and digital technologies, we’ll be able to greatly increase our creative talent pool and recruit creative people from all around the world to produce the content for our local outreach events.

Come for the drama, stay for dessert!

Our church events aren’t afraid to have a good time! And because it’s a true community-wide event, the Community Church Service is a great time to connect with other believers in the community. We’ve found that something wonderful happens when God’s people gather together in unity to celebrate their faith. We’ve also found that when you add the world’s best church dessert bar to the afterparty, they’ll also bring their friends who do not attend any church!

Different – by design

We’re different, but not just different to be different. We’re different because we know that if we’re going to reach people who do not attend any church, we have to do things differently (that’s a lot of different!). Crowdsourcing content from around the world, and using multimedia throughout the event, are just some of the ways this outreach event will be different, and perfect for today’s fast moving, highly social, media rich world.

Not church – Studio Church!

Studio Church and the Community-Wide Church Service is not a church, but a ministry that churches use to connect people in the community to their church and to God’s amazing grace & love!



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